Política da Qualidade

Politica Qualidade


Polivalor has a constant commitment to quality, ensuring the highest quality in the services it provides to its clients and ensuring their maximum satisfaction.

Polivalor provides training, consulting and marketing services, working in a multi-purpose and comprehensive way:

  • Versatile in terms of internal functionality and customer offer.
  • Comprehensive considering the target market as a whole, thus extending beyond the traditional area and considering the geographical dimension without limits, mainly in sectors that allow an export of multisectoral skills developed mainly from our facilities.

The support of the ambition should be the training, organization and self-criticism based on the knowledge of our work and the client's opinion, under the framework of our quality management system.

When implementing a Quality Management System, we intend to optimize existing resources to consolidate the company's position with our Clients.


The Polivalor Quality Policy is based on 5 fundamental principles:

1) Create Value for our stakeholders

2) Improvement of Customer Satisfaction - We believe that with quality of the services provided and great employees we can exceed our clients expectations. Priority is given to the Client's requirements determination, as well as to the analysis and treatment of their suggestions, which allows a permanent adaptation of our services to their needs and expectations, with the aim of continuously improving their satisfaction.

3) Improved Employee Satisfaction - Employees are a key factor in the success of our strategy by providing a good working environment, with the technical resources necessary for the proper performance of their tasks, encouraging and promoting themselves the constant updating and professional training to contribute to their professional appreciation. Encourage teamwork to improve our competencies and continually improve our organization to stay ahead of the competition.

4) Quality of Services Provided - Polivalor undertakes to continuously improve the quality of services provided, namely through its monitoring, favoring prevention rather than correction.
Work with quality, simplicity and efficiency.
Putting our knowledge and skills at the service of customers.
Create products always from the customer's needs.

5) Partnerships with Suppliers - We promote partnerships with suppliers, in order to maintain a permanent satisfaction of final customers.


Polivalor is committed to meeting the requirements of Quality and continuously improving the effectiveness of the QMS, as well as complying with all applicable legal requirements.

Polivalor also undertakes to respect and enforce existing regulations on the protection of personal data, and undertakes to take all measures to avoid breaching privacy policies.

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