POLIVALOR is a training entity certified by the Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations ((DGERT)).

Certified education and training areas:

  • 529 - Engineering and related engineering

  • 525 - Construction and repair of motor vehicles

  • 090 - Personal Development

This certification translates into an external recognition of the quality of our training, granted by an exempt entity.

Advantages of a Certified Entity:

  • Training in an entity that has quality recognition in the market

  • Ensuring that the entity respects a specific quality benchmark for training

  • The training shall be deemed to have been certified in accordance with the National Qualification System

  • To deduct on IRS training expenses.

POLIVALOR has developed and implemented specific training programs for the automotive sector for more than 30 years, and is a market leader in this area.

POLIVALOR has the capacity, know-how, human and technical resources to structure and deliver training programs for the automotive sector that meet all the specific needs of both the commercial area and the technical one recognized in the Portuguese automotive market.

The fact that we are a DGERT Certified Training Agency represents a further guarantee of the quality of the services provided, with certified resources and processes.

Information and Management System for Educational and Training Offer (SIGO)

As a training entity certified by the System of Certification of Training Entities of DGERT, we are registered in the Information System and Management of the Educational and Training Offer (SIGO).

SIGO is coordinated by the Directorate General of Education and Science Statistics (DGEEC), under the Ministry of Education and Science, and constitutes a reserved access platform, where only the Certified Training Entities that integrate the network of entities that form the National Qualification System (SNQ), record the qualification courses developed by the trainees for subsequent issuance of professional training certificates resulting therefrom, in accordance with Administrative Rule no. 474/2010 of 8 July.

Organization of Attestation of Technicians of Intervention in Air Conditioning

POLIVALOR is an entity recognized as a Training Agency for Technicians for Interventions in Air Conditioning Systems, awarded by the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA) installed in motor vehicles within the scope of the provisions of article 8 of Decree-Law no. 56/2011, of 21 April.



POLIVALOR is also a company certified by ISO 9001: 2015. In this way, our management system is duly certified by the external audit entity - APCER as complying with the requirements of this standard and ensuring that the company works in accordance with these principles of Quality.

The certification of Quality covers the following areas:

Process No. E1999.093 - provision of consultancy services in the automotive and human resources sectors; training


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