Responsabilidade Social

Social Responsibility


POLIVALOR has been annually developing professional internship programmes in the engineering, management and human resources areas. The Internships programmes have been made in cooperation with the “Employment and Professional Training Institute” with great success and some of our trainees have been absorbed by our Companies’ Group.

Moonlight – a company from our Group – has also been developing internships for IT students from vocational schools.



Together with Ford Lusitana, the Formoprojectos Group has been developing for 14 years a training course about automotive technology for higher education students, which takes place always in the end of the summer holidays.

This course, known as “Technical Holidays with Ford”, has the purpose to increase student’s knowledge in this area allowing them to have access to practical training and information not available in higher education institutions.

We have witnessed that the certificate attesting the presence in this Course is exhibit by trainees in their CV, as an added value to get a job.POLIVALOR’s technical trainers have participated in most of BMW’s training courses intended to share automotive technology to engineering students and other population groups. All actions have been very successful.

POLIVALOR has hosted several actions in Universities to discuss the automotive theme, together with some of our consultants and trainers, who give support in thematic classes.We also organize thematic WEBINARS about the automotive business open to university students.


In all our training sessions, the Academy will allow the free registration of a certain number of unemployed people and students, having in mind social reintegration and the preparation for future jobs.

In special programs, which are developed under the aegis of the Academy, e.g. Commercial prospecting, How to sell in 5 minutes or How to sell used vehicles, free registrations will also be booked for unemployed people and students, free of charge.

The Academy also supports unemployed trainers or trainers with few resources who want to place their courses online to make their own training courses. The free improvement of the Curriculum Vitae of young and unemployed people is another of POLIVALOR’s Academy social objectives.

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