Gestão de Leads


A Lead is a person who shows real interest in your business and probably intends to understand a little more about your company or product, looking for technical information or even acquiring products and services.

In Inbound Marketing processes, Lead is basically an online visitor who provided their contact information on the site, such as: name, email, phone, company, position, etc. in exchange for obtaining an e-book, free tool, a test-drive or to request a quote / quotation.

But a Lead can also be captured by other channels, such as: customer indications, events, fairs, magazines, newspapers, TV, etc.

A good process of Leads Management, combined with the use of tools and a digital marketing team, has several advantages for your company, regardless of its size, mainly due to the low investment cost.

We highlight 5 advantages:

  • Allows you to attract and retain online visitors who have not yet decided or are not at the right time to purchase
  • Decrease in the purchase cycle (sales funnel), increasing the number of concrete opportunities that can be generated by the Marketing area
  • Ability to nurture your leads with relevant content about your products and services, greatly facilitating the company's pre-sales processes
  • Significantly increases the efficiency and productivity of commercial teams, creating real opportunities with Leads that are already at the ideal time to purchase (see Leads Qualification)
  • Increases customer retention after a purchase (after-sales) due to constant nutrition through relevant content.

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