Gestão de Formação

Gestão Formação


This service is intended for companies with internally developed training processes that need adequate management tools and advice in the design and implementation of the Training Plans.

Training Process Management Service:

  • Analysis of internal competences for training needs.
  • Design and implementation of Training Plans (face-to-face, e-learning and b-learning).
  • Development of Tailored Training Methodologies.
  • Development of technical-pedagogical dossiers according to the process recommended by the certification institution.
  • Communication of plans and training sessions.
  • Management of LMS (Training sessions, Rooms, Classes, Graduates, etc.)
  • Confirmation and registration procedures for training sessions.
  • Follow-up of Training sessions.
  • Registration of evaluations and trainees satisfaction.
  • Post-training follow-up.
  • Measuring of training effectiveness.
  • KPIs Reports.


The support and implementation of the processes are assured by our training managers, using as a technological tool the web base platform MoonTA - Training Administration, developed by the company of the same group, Moonlight.

This service can also be made available when customers use their own management platform.


  • High technical know-how in the design basis of the Management Methods of the Applied Training Processes.
  • Ability to develop internal technological tools appropriate and essential to the achievement of objectives.
  • A team of advisors made up of experienced coaches.
  • 30 years of market activity.
  • Pioneer in the Portuguese market.

If you want to know in detail how the MoonTA platform works, request a demonstration by completing the form. Click Here

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