Formação Produto

Formação Produto


The commercial Product training adds the information of the Brand policy, the technical presentation for the Sales Network, the commercial presentation (argumentative, comparative, etc.). As a complement to classroom training, static and dynamic tests are usually developed, in addition to various play activities.

The new products training is usually a moment of "brand awareness" for all the participating elements.

In this way, Polivalor develops the specific training concept for each model and according to the brand / company guidelines.

For each new launch for the sales area, Polivalor prepares a concept and a training project, starting with the preparation of the teaching materials, selecting and preparing the places for the training.

Training moments of new product launch may include:

  • Dynamic assays
  • Comparative dynamic
  • Static testing
  • Static Comparisons
  • New technologies training
  • Product training
  • Educational games
  • Workshops
  • Sales Role plays
  • Play activities

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