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We organize events tailor made basis and after years of experience we have created MIMO (Motivating, Integrating, Improving, Optimizing).

It is an integrated tool to support the Human Resources and Marketing managers, which allows the personal and motivational development of employees and the improvement of relations with clients and stakeholders.


  • Using some of the most evolved practices, developing actions, group dynamics and integrated events (indoor and outdoor).
  • Optimized planning based on the organization characterization.
  • Crossing concepts such as "social welfare", "sustainability", "social action" and "teambuilding".
  • Participation of coaching experts, psychotherapists, sociologists and other professionals who prepare the events in accordance with the objectives defined by the organization.

"Take care of your customers and employees."

Enrichment and personal and social development, stimulating proactive behaviors that motivate employees to strengthen relationships and act as agents of change, improving inter-communication and processes, encouraging organization continuous improvement.

Be a 100% motivated company.

Stimulate social and environmental responsibility for a commitment to reduce the ecological footprint of your organization. Involve all employees to achieve an engaging and relevant goal in the life of organizations.

Be a green company.

Incentive and loyalty programs require action to strengthen internal and external relations. Design, implementation and monitoring of complete programs.

Waiting for what? Get into action.

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