Retail Optimizer

Retail Optimizer


Polivalor, product of 30 years of work in the automotive area, has developed a specific methodology applied to automobile retail. This methodology called "Polivalor Retail Optimizer" aims to be a tool to improve the performance of dealers or repairers in areas where they have potential for improvement and growth.

This 3-step methodology starts with a pre-examination of the situation through a check list and its individualized analysis and report.

After this phase where the coaching packs to be applied are established, our multidisciplinary team (sales, after sales, marketing, accounting, financial, etc.) comes into the field.

Previously defined improvement KPIs (no more than 3) are monitored.

The consultant's action will develop, over a longer or shorter period of time, in order to ensure the implementation of the coaching packs and implementation of the action contained in the action plans.

Throughout the process will be produced several reports that will allow to assess the situation and allow adjustments throughout the process.

The process is completed by measuring the performance of the initial KPIs compared to the KPIs at the end of the project.

This fully automotive retail solution has the great advantage of allowing adaptation to the conditions and characteristics of each entity, its specific territory and local market.

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