Indicator Optimizer

Indicator Optimizer


Polivalor, product of 30 years of work in the automotive area, has developed a methodology for specific applied at the most strategic level of the automobile retail business.

This methodology, called "Polivalor indicator optimizer", aims to be a tool to improve the performance of dealers or repairers in the areas at the most strategic level of the business.

This 3-step methodology begins with a prior examination of the situation through a check list and its individualized analysis and report.

  • The goal of this program is to improve the dealer's or repairer's business, thinking of a more strategic and management goal / improvement.
  • By directly involving business management, this methodology seeks to transform top down organizations with a contagious behavior changes and consequently contribute to an improvement of the whole business.
  • This program focuses on executive consulting, where the consultant / coach is at the same level as the business manager, acting as executive coach of the manager / general manager.
  • The consultant will focus mainly on changing the mindset and with this to produce more structural and sustainable changes. These changes produced will in turn boost improvements in the level of business results.

The action of the consultant will develop over a longer or shorter period of time in order to ensure the implementation of the packages and implementation of the actions contained in the action plans.

Throughout the process will be produced several reports that will allow to assess the situation and allow adjustments throughout the process.

The process is completed by measuring the performance of the initial (pre-defined) business KPIs compared to the KPIs at the end of the project.

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