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Polivalor Consulting is a leader in the automotive sector, having developed over 30 years, hundreds of programs that have allowed process improvement, optimization of resources and launch of new business areas.


Specialized training in the automotive sector (technical and non-technical) providing training to brands, dealers and workshops.


Whatever your need, Polivalor has an appropriate, multi-disciplinary, one-stop-shop solution.'one-stop-shop'.



  • Indicator OptimizerConsultancy program that allows the improvement of all indicators of the workshop activity.
  • VEH Training Training on electric and hybrid vehicles, with 3 levels of training.
  • Retail Optimizer Improvement of dealers or repairers performance.
  • Mystery Clients Online  Realize and understand how customers and potential customers are handled at the sales point and compliance procedures.
  • RGPD Audits Check the critical points of each organization's personal data processing and the level of compliance.
  • Technical Campaign Management / Recall Manage the entire process until the operation of sending the information to the clients.
  • Data Processing Collecting data, processing and reporting to enable rapid interpretation of the information.
  • agendamentos B2BAVAC Certification Aimed at all professionals working in air conditioning systems, installed in motor vehicles.
  • GESTÃO LEADSLeads Management Crucial factor of success for the sustained growth of the business, Leads Management is a process that develops in several steps, converting leads into SALES.

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