Marketing Operacional

Marketing Operacional


Defining in a summarized and simple way, Operational Marketing "does" what Strategic Marketing "thought".

There are lots of tasks and functions in marketing, but whatever they are our marketing team at Polivalor is ready to ensure the implementation of marketing actions.

Polivalor offers two online platforms that can be used for point-of-sale (Lucky Wheel) and street-marketing actions (Go Outdoor).

Well knowned Game known, this online platform allows you to parameterize the prizes to be played, their frequency of draw, online management of the prize pool and the registration of all users who want to play.

This last feature allows the construction of a database of contacts, for future use in direct marketing actions.

This game can be played on a mobile device (tablet, for example) placed in a place visible at the sales point.

Ideal for sales point campaigns associated with push promotional sales actions (for example, those who make a purchase of more than x € can run the Lucky Wheel and win a prize).

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This platform was designed for street marketing operations for the automotive sector.

Each offer is parameterized in the platform, allowing each vehicle to be placed a specific offer, being recorded in a database the elements that allow the identification of the vehicle (registration plate, brand, model, date of registration)

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